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Key Lessons Learned

Unlock Your Potential

Advance your career with the help of an experienced mentor or coach

Are you a driven professional looking for

Career advice
Interview advice and practice
Feedback on your CV
Improving your hard or soft skills
Industry insights
Learning from an experienced professional
Support in a professional transition
Guidance at the start of your career

as a Learner now! You will get:

Objective Advice

from an experienced professional

Better Skills

for your day-to-day work


through your Mentor/Coach

Problem Solving

with an expert’s help

How it works

Find a Mentor

1. Register as a Learner.

Your profile will only be visible to the Mentors or Coaches you apply with.

2. Browse through profiles of Mentors and Coaches.

You can search our list of Mentors and Coaches by several criteria, so that you find the right match for you.

3. Apply directly with a Mentor or Coach, or ask us to find one for you.

If the Mentor or Coach accepts your request, you can now arrange to have a mentoring session.

Have a Mentoring Session

1. Schedule the mentoring session.

Together with the Mentor, agree on a date, start time and planned duration for the mentoring session, and decide whether you want to meet in person, have a video call over Skype, etc. – it’s up to you.

2. Enter the date and duration of the planned mentoring session into the system.

If the Mentor charges for the mentoring sessions, the system will calculate the cost based on the planned duration of the mentoring session.

3. If the Mentor/Coach charges for the mentoring sessions, you will receive an invoice for the planned session. If the Mentor does the mentoring for free, skip this step!

Once the Mentor approves the planned date, start time and duration of the mentoring session, and if the Mentor charges for the mentoring sessions, you will receive an invoice based on the Mentor’s fee and the duration of the session that you entered.

4. Have the mentoring session and get valuable advice for your career!

The mentoring sessions can be online (e.g. over Skype), over the phone, or in person. You decide that together with the Mentor.

After this mentoring session, you and the Mentor/Coach decide whether you want to have additional meetings.

or see our FAQ for more information