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Key Lessons Learned

Advise, guide, support, inspire

Support someone less experienced by sharing the lessons you have learned.

Are you an experienced professional who wants to

Share your valuable experience
Gain experience in coaching
Support someone less experienced
Give back to the community
Monetize the time you invest
Stay in touch with the pulse of the workforce
Learn from a different perspective
Grow professionally by extending your horizon

as a Mentor or Coach now! You will get:

Leadership Skills

for your own career

Peer Recognition

for your mentor/coach role

Personal Satisfaction

for giving back to the community


of your time and skills

How it works

Get Mentoring Requests

1. Register as a Mentor or Coach.

Your profile is not visible to people not registered to the site. You can choose whether you want registered Learners to see your profile or not, and what your fee is per hour.

2. If you allow it, get contacted directly by Learners, or otherwise by us when we find a potential match with a Learner.

3. Decide whether you accept the Learner's request for a first meeting or discussion.

You are free to accept or reject requests.

Have a Mentoring Session

1. Schedule the mentoring session.

Together with the Mentor, agree on a date, start time and planned duration for the mentoring session, and decide whether you want to meet in person, have a video call over Skype, etc. – it’s up to you.

2. The Learner enters the date and duration of the planned mentoring session into the system.

You can then approve or reject this planned mentoring session.

2. If you charge for the mentoring sessions, the Learner will receive an invoice for the planned session and we will transfer you the due amount.

4. Have the mentoring session!

The mentoring sessions can be online (e.g. over Skype), over the phone, or in person. You decide that together with the Learner. 

After this mentoring session, you and the Learner decide whether you want to have additional meetings.

or see our FAQ for more information