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We have a new pricing model

In order to offer more options and flexibility to our Learners, we now have a new pricing model: Learners can register on Key Lessons Learned for 2, 4, or 6 months, depending on their preference and the time commitment they are willing to make. See more details here.

Key Lessons Learned is now open to Learners

Key Lessons Learned has already got a pool of expert Mentors, with various backgrounds and roles, and who work in various companies. Most Mentors have an IT background, but we also have professional Coaches, and Mentors with a Business and Marketing background. We believe these Mentors and Coaches can provide a lot of valuable advice to a wide range of Learners, so we are now opening registration also to Learners! We hope they find the Mentor they are looking for on Key Lessons Learned, and they get a lot of inspiration, advice and support from their Mentors.


Key Lessons Learned graduated from YCombinator’s Startup School

YCombinator, a startup incubator from Silicon Valley, has become famous worldwide through its astonishing track record of producing some of the world’s most well-known startups: AirBnB, Dropbox, Quora, Docker, Stripe, Instacart, and Reddit are just a few examples of its high caliber alumni.

In addition to its incubator program, since 2014 YC has been running a yearly Startup School, a 10-week program for early stage startups, providing online lectures, weekly office hours with advisors (also alumni of YC), a progress tracker, access to the YC startup community, and exclusive deals for the participating startups. The Startup School is not the same as YC’s incubator program – it is, however, a springboard for the participating startups, an amazing learning experience, and a great glimpse into startup life in Silicon Valley.

We from Key Lessons Learned have been lucky enough to participate in the Startup School, and have learned a lot from the lectures, our advisor, and the other startups in our group. We’re now proud graduates of the School, and are already applying a lot of the lessons learned in our planning and strategy for making mentoring available to everyone.


Key Lessons Learned is live!

After a lot of work, a lot of testing, a private beta phase, and a lot of adjustments of the platform according to the feedback received in the private beta phase, Key Lessons Learned is now online and publicly accessible! We’re very excited about this new phase, and we’re now open to registrations from Mentors and Coaches. We’re looking forward to their feedback on the platform, and will soon open the registration to Learners too!


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